Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films

Los Angeles critic Jason Rohrer and actor Todd Robert Anderson talk incessantly through cult films. It would be annoying if you were trying to watch the movie, but this is a podcast...so it's just delightful!

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Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films (Episode 57)

Updated about 1 year ago.

Frogs is a movie that has Sam Elliot, but it is not a movie that has a lot of frogs. It's got a couple frogs, but a shitload of toads, a handful of lizards, and waaaaaaaaay too many snakes. Plus alligators. And racism, I'm pretty sure. Doesn't matter, because Jason and Todd barely pay attention to the boring dialogue BECAUSE THEY ARE SAVING THE FUCKING WORLD. (Now that I've expended so much energy writing this stupid blurb, I'm going to treat myself to a screening of The Big Lebowski. In which Elliot has a proper mustache.)