Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films

Los Angeles critic Jason Rohrer and actor Todd Robert Anderson talk incessantly through cult films. It would be annoying if you were trying to watch the movie, but this is a podcast...so it's just delightful!

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Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films (Episode 69)

Updated about 1 year ago.

Gender Bender is a gross-out comedy made by professional stand-up comics about the horrors faced by a group of men who wake up with vaginas. This one particularly gets under Jason's skin and he vows revenge, but still he feels guilty about not supporting Todd's career. Todd's plumbing is all messed up, so he is too numb with house owner consumer debt to feel anything. Stay until the end to hear what the boys think of the Netflix movie for boys called Triple Frontier. Oh yeah, and Jason literally screams because of a scene with Gilbert Gottfried in the movie. Good luck!