Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films

Los Angeles critic Jason Rohrer and actor Todd Robert Anderson talk incessantly through cult films. It would be annoying if you were trying to watch the movie, but this is a podcast...so it's just delightful!

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Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films (Episode 33)

Updated a long time ago.

High Risk is an old movie with a terrible DVD transfer. It's got a dreamy James Brolin, a young Bruce Davison, and the ever wonderful Clevon Little. Doesn't matter though, because Jason is mostly interested in refusing to accept the new Star Wars movie is just okay, and Todd is horribly hungover. For the first time ever in this podcast's history, Todd actually has to go puke. Is it the movie or the Vicodin he took in a vain attempt to make himself feel better? It's a real mystery.